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Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

Need your carpet cleaned? Come to use to get professional service, and a quality job. Carpets usually take beating from people walking on it, kids, and household pets running on them. Shampooing your carpet is the easiest system to lift out the dirt, pet hairs, and anything that makes your carpets look dirty, feel rough, and smell awful. Food and beverage spills will soak into the carpet fibers, creating mold that should is bad for your family’s health. We can provide a thorough shampooing for your carpet, this shampooing is necessary to clean deep down and get the carpet back to its original glory. Call us to gain more insight into what we can do for your carpets.

Drapery Cleaning Brooklyn

We have a very effective process in cleaning drapes. We take off any hardware except those that are part of the treatments themselves. If your treatments are made of fiberglass, we are going to hand wash them. Draperies constructed with cotton will be treated with care since if they have been in direct sunlight, the fabric could very well be weak. Be sure you get drapes with linings to maintain them safe from sunlight. You might want to consider drapes built from acrylic or polyester because they materials won't be as at risk of sunlight damage much like materials like rayon, cotton, acetate, and silk.

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